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ten reasons i want to cheer josie up

10. josie's heart totally copies mine but i don't mind
9. josie is a lady with a sense of propriety
8. when josie figures out what to do she will totally be happy, because if she's not destined for a pretty satisfying life then i don't know what the rest of us are supposed to think about the world
7. no one should tell josie otherwise. they just don't understand how her heart beats differently from theirs
6. josie's the cutest
5. when i have lunch with josie i know we own the place with our ladylike pretty dainty proper dignity
4. josie is about 10% as melodramatic as the rest of we college freshmen are; she just has more trueness in her heart to talk about, and i like to read it in her diary
3. if she shared an apartment with me next year it would be oh so pretty and nice for all; but if she went to england i would be oh so happy for her
2. josie reminds me of clara bow, dainty things, and pale lip gloss
1. josie is my Person of the Year
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