Stone Blind Love (exitxmusic) wrote in starvinglips,
Stone Blind Love

chapter two

listen-i'll say you
a park in the city, a
park in the dusk just
as the snow is beginning:
the gray-blue, the sweet-cold,
the whispering rustling.
-do you remember?-
floor by floor the lights rising
as darkness filled up
the tall wells of the streets
gigantically ringing the
small empty park where
the thin show slid in
as if it would fall
through the dusk there forever,
amidst gears', horns', wrangles
hushing a circle;
the gray-white, the sweet-cold.
-now you remember-
how young and unhappy and
lovely you were
how uselessly in
love we were; and there
walking alone in new york in the snow
you had nobody anywhere to see to
talk to nowhere to go

-winfield townley scott
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